Snorkelling and sugary delights

Yesterday’s mission – which was a resounding success – was to snorkel, so we ventured out for another meander.

We do ‘meander’ exceedingly well.

Our drive to Pereybere Beach took us through sugar cane fields, tourist towns with opulent beach-front villas, and narrow country streets. Along the motorway it’s about 20 minutes; the roads we took made the journey twice as long (and twice the pleasure).

The beach was as perfect as the reviews online said it would be:

IMG_3462 IMG_3463


As the self-proclaimed ‘bag watcher’, I reclined gracefully (ish) on the towel while my husband and son enjoyed the delights of the bay. The beach was relatively quiet, and the beach hawkers respectful and polite when their offers to sell sarongs were declined.

IMG_3465 IMG_3475

After we left the beach we followed the SatNav’s directions to what became a dead end. It was an adventurous ramble through increasingly narrow and rocky streets until we did a u-turn and found our way back to the highway.

A stop on the way home at L’aventure du Sucre where Mark tasted the locally produced, potent – and, he tells me, delicious – rum:

And Kobi and I experienced the delight that is molasses:

It’s a whole new world of delicious.