A very Ralph road-trip to The Pinnacles


My dad Ralph favoured back roads and short cuts – which were almost always not short cuts – for his Sunday Drives which usually happened on other days of the week.

In September he visited us in Perth, and we did a Ralph Road Trip to the Pinnacles.

It was of his quintessential back-road-short-cut meandering Sunday Drive on a Wednesday.




more pinnacles

Entry to the National Park is $11. Once in there are options to walk or drive through the Pinnacles, and the visitor centre hosts an interactive museum. I feel the same way about museums as I do about zoos, so that part was lost on me, but most folk seem to enjoy it.

The Pinnacles are part of Nambung National Park and are natural limestone structures formed A Long Time Ago.

This is the land of the Nyoongar people (also: Nyungar, Noongar), and Namburg is a Aboriginal word meaning ‘crooked’.

….Okay, I’ll ‘fess up. That’s the extent of my knowledge of the history of the area. I probably should have paid more attention to the interactive museum….

I do know the coastal towns of Jurien Bay and Lancelin are an easy drive (30 minutes north and 60 minutes south respectively).

jurien bay

more jurien

Being only 200km north of Perth this is – in West Australian terms – an easy day trip. Straight up the Indian Ocean Drive, it takes about 2 hours.

We, of course, did the back road short cut. Which took 4 hours.

But we saw some cool (and some slightly bizarre) things on the way:



tree back roads


more pinnacles1

The journey and the company he kept was always more important for my dad than the destination.