What is Penny’s List?

Picture this: it’s a cool, clear autumn day. You have a book, sunshine, coffee (or some other beverage if you’re not a coffee drinker), and a tasty treat. You look around you at the eclectic, artfully arranged kitcheney stuff, artisan chocolates and gleaming coffee machine and you think, “X would love this place.”

…’X’ being someone you know. Probably even someone you think fondly of from time to time. Ideally someone you would actually go places with…

This morning, the ‘X’ I thought of was my sister-in-law Penny. Like the café I was in, Penny is creative, clever and beautiful. She is someone with whom I can simply ‘be’. People like that are important.

Places like that are too…and being with people like that in places like that is like – well, it’s like a smooth black coffee and a piece of dark chocolate. The perfect combination.

I may only ever visit somewhere once and it can be added to my List of Favourite Places. I may find a place and go back regularly. What elevates a place to be a Favourite changes on a whim. I’m fickle that way.

I’m a fan of going to my Favourite Places with my Favourite People.


I make mental notes of my Most Favourite Places. Unfortunately my mental notes disappear quickly, like words written in condensation.

I need something more tangible; the something tangible is Penny’s List.

(Thankfully I don’t need a list of my Favourite People. I’m pretty good at remembering them)

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