To resort, or not resort?…

When we travel we like to explore and meander and wander. We’re not guided tour types, and we’ve never been resort holiday types. We’re more the plan-our-own-itinerary-drive-ourselves-or-catch-buses-or-trains-stay-in-apartments/B’n’Bs/holiday home/campsites types.

Having not done the resort thing before, it didn’t occur to me there would be additional costs outside of ‘half board’ breakfast & dinner package. I have a vague recollection of being told there were, but I think the information kind of vapourised in my brain before it had a chance to register.

(Once I’ve made a decision and booked something, I pay no attention to the detail. Probably I need to pay more attention in future).

My surprise at additional costs aside, the Intercontinental Mauritius has been delightful. The quality of the facilities, food, service, views, and staff is exceptional.


IMG_3414 IMG_3339

If a person was inclined they could spend their entire holiday within the gates of a resort.

We haven’t, because that’s not how we roll.

Today we explored Trou Aux Biches and Grand Baie:


I’d never understood the appeal of the beach recliner/umbrella thing. They don’t exist on most Australian beaches and I’d always written them off as unnecessary.

I was wrong. They are awesome.

IMG_3551 IMG_3562


We enjoyed more creative driving and interesting roads:
IMG_3570 IMG_3572


Tomorrow we fly home and yet I feel like there’s more of Mauritius to taste.

Maybe this was just the entree…

IMG_3291 IMG_3044

IMG_3049 IMG_3287

We’ll come back again to savour more flavours.

IMG_3511 IMG_3623

From a holiday house or apartment….

Websites and folk I found useful – and you might too if ever you’re thinking of traveling to Mauritius (I’m not paid to promote these, I simply liked ’em so thought I’d share the love):

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