Coffee Utopia in Fremantle

The first time I entered Dibella’s Roasting Warehouse on the corner of Little Lefroy Lane and South Terrace in Fremantle (Freo) I gasped in awe then clapped my hands together like an excited three year old. Yes, I really did.

IMG_2807 IMG_2804 IMG_2810

It’s a coffee-the-experience lover’s heaven.

(Note: coffee-the-experience is about so much more than coffee-the-drink. It’s about the vibe too).

IMG_2787 IMG_2785

The coffee is smooth, strong and aromatic. The service is exceptional. The food is wide in variety, high in quality and reasonable in price.


IMG_2814 IMG_2799

There are abundant options of home coffee preparation equipment and fresh beans for sale, and bicycles for hire. It’s perfectly located mid-way between the Fremantle Markets & South Beach – no more than a ten minute bike ride to each.

IMG_2806 IMG_2788


It’s high on Penny’s List for Freo.

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