Adelaide Zoo – a pleasant surprise (for a non-zoo-lover like me)

I don’t ‘do’ zoos. It’s probably more accurate to say I like zoos but I have a short attention span. I’m usually done in about two hours.

My husband and son LOVE zoos; would spend eight hours at a zoo given the chance.

This is how I feel about a full day at a zoo:

I’m not a fan.

I am, however, a fan of Outings. When we were visiting South Australian in January we had an opportunity for an outing to the Adelaide Zoo with my mum and our nieces (Children of Penny’ List’s Penny).

Off we went – husband, son, mother, the Three Children of Penny, and I.

The last zoo I’d been to was Edinburgh Zoo in 2013 (and I ungraciously only tolerated that because it was, you know, Edinburgh Zoo). Before that, I think it had been over a decade since I’d blessed a zoo with my reluctant presence.

In my memory Adelaide Zoo was like a slightly tired, grumpy-but-not-nasty old lady; a great-aunt you visit once every four or five years because it’s a habit you grew up with and it’s the Right Thing To Do.

I was pleasantly surprised. Adelaide Zoo has been rejuvenated, redesigned, and re-energized. It doesn’t feel old and weary anymore.

There are many places to sit for a BYO picnic lunch, and cafés (I saw two but there may have been more) which sold tolerable coffee.

Oh, and the animals were cool.





Also, there were some kitsch souvenirs in the gift shop:

a coffee stop, and – my personal favourite – there was lying on the grass:

It’s all about lying on grass in sunshine, drinking coffee and hanging out with people I love.

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